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EpheMax Consulting Inc.

Leader in workforce attraction and retention.

To find the right employees for you.

Professional development solutions for individuals and companies.

As specialists in the optimization of work environments, we focus on the human and operational factor. By providing effective and simple tools, we help you attract and retain a company's most valuable resource: its employees!

Our nearly 20 years of experience in human and operational management allows us to target the needs at the heart of the employee retention process. An innovative and winning combination for both the company and the individuals who are part of it.

Real challenges - Real people
Real solutions

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"Susie has knowledge and experience of labor issues that allows her to provide concrete and accessible solutions for all. His lecture on the shortage of employees, and how to deal with it, was particularly appreciated by our members. She has a dynamic style filled with “good common sense” that resonates with our entrepreneurs."

Robert Legault

dir. Business development at

The Castle Building Centers Group Ltd.

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